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Even though alfalfa is mostly grown as food for livestock animals, many people consume it for a source of calcium, potassium and/or iron. Some people may also use it for high-cholesterol, diabetes, and many other conditions.  However the question is, is it safe for human consumption? 

Alfalfa comes in various forms:  powdered alfalfa herb, alfalfa sprouts and alfalfa seeds. But did you know that all alfalfa contains L-cavanine?  L-cavanine is a substance that may cause abnormal blood cell counts, spleen enlargement, and/or recurrence of lupus in people with certain diseases?

Some researches have studied the effects of alfalfa on some monkeys.  The researches discovered that alfalfa may have caused a disease very similar to lupus in the monkeys.  Researchers also discovered that when the monkeys were given alfalfa to eat, they would have abnormal blood cell counts but the normal blood cell counts would return to normal if the monkeys were no longer consuming alfalfa.

Being very careful when taking natural herbs is strongly advised.  You can research alfalfa side effects on websites like WebMD or  And if you would like to know how I get all my nutrients in a food based supplement, you can read my testimony under 'How my Health was Changed', an article in our Health and Wellness category page.

Elaine Hutchinson Wagner, nutritionist

RCN#  662148601

Independent Distributor for Reliv International

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