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The Biblical Discription of Hell


Did you know that Jesus preached more on Hell than He did on Heaven?

In Luke 16 verses 19-31, the Lord gives us a real glimpse of Hell.  It tells of two men who died.  The one went to a literal place called Hell.  Some may ask, 'How do we know it was literal?'  Because it's God's Word and Jesus doesn't make up fairytales.  Real names are recorded here.  Parables did not use real names.  Let's go on..

In this passage of scripture, it declares that first of all, we die.  Second, it declares that if we have not accepted Christ as our Saviour, we will be spending eternity in Hell.  Third, this passage shows that the person in Hell has a total conscience.  He can reason.  This person is reasoning and asking for water.  This person also asks if someone could please tell his brothern so they don't come to this place of torments.  So this man cared about his family.  Please read Luke 16:19-31 and see for yourself in the King James Bible.

Below are a list of passages which describes Hell.  Please use these carefully to win others to the Lord.  Use them to help you keep in mind why you need to share the gospel with others:

A Lake of Fire                                              Revelation 20:15

A Devouring Fire                                        Isaiah 33:14

A Place of Blackness & Darkness              Jude 13

Where People Wail                                     Matthew 13:42

Where People Weep                                   Matthew 8:12

A Place of Torments                                    Luke 16:23

Where People Curse God                          Revelation 16:11

Where People Beg for Mercy                    Luke 16:24

Don't Want Loved Ones There                 Luke 16:28

Content references from the KJV

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