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This holiday season

We want to declare

Why we're so joyous

So sit in our chairs.

And listen as we tell you

Why we are here.

Listen very closely

With both of your ears.

We are all happy

'Cause during this time

Jesus was born

To make everything fine.


To make everything fine?

People ask in despair.

Life's still the same,

And to them it's not fair.

Without the birth

Of Jesus our Lord

We'd have no salvation

And be doomed evermore.

One great day

An angel drew near

To Mary, the virgin,

To tell in her ears

That God up in Heaven

Chose her for the one

To become the mother

Of His beloved Son.

She was so honored

And filled with delight

That she went to her cousin's

And stayed there all night.

Mary and Elizabeth

Both had agreed

That the ancient scrolls

Had made this decree:

That a virgin would conceive

And bring forth a son,

To call His name Immanuel

Which means God from above.

Soon these prophetic

Scriptures came to life

As Jesus was born

One hevenly night.

The angels in white

Appeared to some wise men,

To tell them the news

That happened in Bethlehem.

So the wise men mounted

And carried precious things

Upon three camels

To their new born King.

They had no trouble

In coming so far

Because they were led

By a bright new star.

Jesus didn't mind

Leaving His home up above

Because this is how

He showed us His love.

So during this special

Holiday season

We are all happy

And this is the reason.

God gave us His Gift

The Lord Jesus Christ.

We don't need presents

To make this holiday bright.

Christmas is special

And so full of love

Especially to those

Who are washed in His blood.

So why delay?

Why put off alvation?

God will make you 

A new creation.

And what better gift

Could you ask for tonight

Then the cleansing from sin

And a mansion so bright ?!

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