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My Saviour and My Lord

It was in the evening
When Jesus knelt and prayed,
Over in that beautiful garden
Where He soon would be betrayed.

His heart was very burdened
And His soul in agony,
As He talked to God His Father
About the sins of you and me.

He poured His feelings out to God
Precious tears rolled from His eyes,
He looked around upon us all
And said, "For these I will surely die".

With a burdened heart and a will to do
Jesus rose up from the ground,
But a look of grief soon crossed His face
When asleep His disciples He found.

"Arise," He said, "Please watch with me,
The flesh is indeed very weak.
You need to stay in prayer to God
And His will to always seek."

Soon there arose a noise in the garden
And lanterns shining bright.
The sound of swords and staves were heard
As Jesus was betrayed that night.


The rulers and elders with Judas Iscariot
Led Him to the high priest.
They gnashed on Him with their awful words
Then sat down in the judgment seat.


"Where's my disciples?" Jesus looks around,
"Why did they all have to leave?"
A tear fills His eye and an ache in His heart
As no friend in sight He sees..


Then the valiantest guards of the prison cell
Roughly grab Jesus by each arm.
They push Him and shove Him to the front of the room
And say "This man is guilty of harm!"

Pilate, the governor of that year
Wanted Jesus to be set free,
But the people wouldn't agree with him
When he asked them with a plea.

This only made people angrier.
At the top of their lungs they yelled,
"Kill Him!  Kill Him!  Crucify Him!"
"And on the cross have Him swiftly nailed!"

So Pilate gave into the people
And decided to do their will.
He said, "You can crucify Jesus
On the top of the big city hill."

So Pilate took Jesus and scourged Him,
And threw Him into the hall.
Guards ran over and picked Him up
And drug Him outside the stone wall.

Soon other guards came running along
And decided some fun they'd create
Before they'd have to take Jesus away
Down to that big city gate.

They savagely tore off His humble apparel,
For a King they wanted to make.
Then they drapped on Him a scarlet robe
And mocked, "Hey, look at the fake!"

Then they hastily made Him an earthly crown
Out of thorns, like nails, thick and wide,
Which they cruely pounded on top of His head
'Till the blood trickled down in His eyes.

Next they quickly found a long, hard reed
To make Jesus hold up in His hand.
They said, "This is your beautiful septre,
Now let's see you rule this land!"

They laughed at Him in mockery
Then grabbed that reed, long and hard
And beat Jesus to a bloody pulp
'Till His face was all bruised and marred.

They lead Him down that dusty road,
As the people stood and stared.
Jesus looked slowly upon them all
It seemed like no one really cared.

His feet became so heavy to Him
As He stumbled down that dirt road.
His two strong shoulders were aching and bleeding
As He bore our cross for His load.

His knees felt like they were ready to fail 
And His back was torn apart.
But the thing that hurt Jesus most of all
Was the grief that was down in His heart.

Oh, how He loved us, as He staggered along
Bearing our cross on His back,
Bleeding and hurting and feeling the pain
From all of those terrible wacks.

As He traveled slowly down that road
He came to that big city gate.
Time was almost upon Him now
He didn't have long to wait.

It was soon His turn to be crucified
On each side of Him was a thief.
Guards held the nails in their guilty hands
Ready to pound in His feet.

They took Jesus and laid Him onto the cross
As His arms were stretched far and wide.
His muscles were pulled beyond human strain
As His heart was broken inside.

They took a nail and pounded it hard
Deep down in the palm of His hands. 
They did the same to His precious feet
Then put the cross upright to a stands.

His tender eyes looked down on the people
As He saw in the hearts of each.
And as they looked upon the Saviour
They saw a tear on His cheek.


At the bottom of that rugged cross,
He saw His mother weeping there.
Her soul was full of agony
And her heart to broken to bear

Then Jesus looked on that disciple beloved
As another pain pierced through His chest.
If only they could understand
That He had to fulfill this test.

Jesus' mouth became bitterly dry
As for a drink of water He cried.
But they gave Him vinegar instead
Then He gave up the ghost and died.

The people were frightened and full of fear
As it roared and thundered outside.
They knew it was from God above
Because Jesus they had crucified.

They laid Him in a sepluchre
In a garden so beautiful.
But after three days a wonderful thing...
Our Saviour triumphantly arose !!!



Let's remember this everyday !
Written by:   Elaine L. Hutchinson

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