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Do You Know ...

That there are over 200 viruses floating around?

Do You Know ...

With so much going around ... like the flu, Covid, common colds, germs, and lots of other health issues, what is the best thing we can do for ourselves ???

The Answer ... Boost our immune system .   HOW ? ...

As a nutritionist, I have tried so many 'remedies'.  I have severe asthma, which is also an attack on the immune system.  I found the best answer for me 27 years ago on how to boost my immune system effectively.

I am now 63 years old.  I am off my asthma meds and I feel better at 63 than I did in my 30's.  I had four knee surgeries and my pain level is way down without any medications.  I am also off blood pressure meds and my fibromyalgia is hardly noticed.  If I would have kept on the health path I was on when I was 30, I would probably be on a kidney or liver transplant list because of the side effects of all the medications I was on.  (Read the side effects of any drug you are on at

The not-so secret ... As a nutritionist, I tried all kinds of herbs, vitamins and 'remedies' but nothing seemed to really make a difference ... until ... the Amish shared Reliv with me.  I purchased a couple cans and within six months I was off my asthma meds.  It started slowly.  Don't get Reliv and stop your medications.  No.  I first gradually noticed that I did not need my rescue inhaler as much.  That was the first med I gradually eased off of.  Than I asked my doctor to cut back on my Advair and Predisone.  Great doctor, she did.  Within months, I was weaned off those meds.  Then I noticed after a year on Reliv, that I did not get bronchitus as badly as I use to.  Then my second year, my bronchitus seemed to go away altogether.  Yes, it took time, but my health is surely worth it!  If the Amish would not have shared Reliv with me, I would not be enjoying life like I am today.  I go camping!!!  I have asthma!  Trees, pollen, dampness and hiking don't bother me anymore ... at age 63!!!

Please ... for your own health ... look into Reliv.  I am very grateful that there is an answer out there.  Please feel free to text me with any questions - 440-812-9002.  I have a website for your convenience. .  It shows the three cans of Reliv I have used all these years.  They are:

Classic = has 72 vitamins, minerals and herbs in one can. Really builds the immune system.

Fibrastore = helps the health of jour organs, like the heart, lungs, digestive and stomach.

Innergizer = boosts my metabolism and helps my pain.

These are the three I take daily.  It comes in a powder.  I put it in juice or chocolate milk.  Whatever cold that you like to drink is fine.  If you have time, go to and read the health blogs.  Very informative.  You can put any health issue in the search and read about it.  Ask yourself, if you don't try to improve your health now, where will your health be in a couple more years?  Isn't your health worth it?

Elaine Hutchinson, Wagner



RCN # 662148601

Reliv International Independent Distributor

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