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Who gave the blessing?
Who received the blessing?

Because of the sacrifice of two ladies, many people have had the privilege of visiting Haiti.  Even students, including my daughter, have had the privilege of visiting Haiti.  But those who have been there to help, I would like to know, who truly received the blessings?

Those who have visited the orphanage find girls adorned in bows and braids, and boys running and playing.  The children love to sing.  But before these children were received into the orphanage, it was quite the opposite for them.  People there are too poor to even meet basic humanitarian needs.  One little girl was found lying on her mother's grave.

Children like these are taken in by Kathy Gouker and Alice Wise.  Since 1978, these two ladies have given their entire life to serve these children.  But God has used Kathy and Alice in another amazing way that we may not have considered.  

Many people have traveled to Haiti to 'help' in this orphanage in Cap-Haitien.  Some went to build bathrooms and other buildings.  Some went to help teach English in the school for a time.  But really, who helped who?

If you are a female that visited, you would have your hair styled for free; and with a very professional look that probably would have cost at least $50 here in the states!  You would be surrounded by giggling girls all excited with love for you giving you the best hair style they could.  They would serve you with all their love!  A love that lasts a lifetime.  A precious memory that will forever be planted in your heart.

So again, I ask ...  Who really received the blessing?


Please keep Kathy, Alice, the orphans and all the others serving there in Haiti in your prayers

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