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How my Health was Changed

Well, I blew out my back, had four knee surgeries, torn my right rotator cuff and bicep muscle.  I dealt with stress and digestive issues.  I also have asthma and dealt with bronchial infections and severe allergies.  I was also taking a lot of vitamins.

So why am I telling you all this?  There are probably people with a lot worse issues than myself.  I'm sharing all this because I am so grateful for finally feeling a lot better at age 63 then I did in my 30's.  Yes, this picture is a picture of me taken in 2022.  And yes, I am 63 in this picture.  And, no, I do not dye my hair . :)

So what's the secret?  It's no secret.  If we put the right stuff in your body than your body will function a whole lot better.  I'll tell you what I put in my body to cause it to do so well.  Just like a car, you must keep gas, oil and antifreeze in it.  If you don't you can get stranded on the side of the road; whether from running out of gas, or blowing up your motor.  Likewise, we need to maintain our bodies and they will run more properly.

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How did I go from running like an old jalopy in my 30's to running like a sports car in my 60's?   Easy.  I started taking Reliv and have been on it ever since.  I take the Classic, which has 72 vitamins in it for my immune system.  I take the Fibrastore for the health of my organs and I take the Innergizer which boosts my metabolism and helps me deal with pain.

It's easy to get.  Just go to  The company will ship it right to your door.  If you have any questions, just text me  440-812-9002.

Elaine Wagner, nutritionist

RCN#  662148601

Independent Distributor for Reliv International

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