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Lovely, little ladybugs.


We should welcome these little guests.

As the weather cools down, ladybugs seem to invite themselves into our homes.  And not only do they invite themselves in, they bring all their relatives and friends!

Why do they want to come into our homes?  They could easily be stepped on or smushed!

These beautifully colored 'house guests' come in for warmth and safety.  They know if they were to stay outside, they would freeze to death.  So they come into our homes and hope we will be hospitable to them as they promise to try to stay out of our way.


Do you know what would happen to us if these dear little ladybugs would not visit us in our homes?  Well, for starters, we would probably be over ran with a bunch of other insects that lady bugs like to dine on.  If ladybugs did not nest in our homes, who knows what other insects would be lurking about.  Secondly, come spring time, these winter house guests that we didn't see all winter emerges.  Then they work to keep the insects away from our gardens.  There are a lot of insects that like to nibble on our vegetables. Ladybugs help to keep our plants alive and healthy. 

Folklore has it that ladybugs are lucky.

I look at it this way, with all the good that ladybugs do, inside and outside; yes, I'd say we are truly blessed by these little winter house guests.

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