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MARS ...

I  Was THERE ...

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For REAL !

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Many people wonder what Mars is like.  Well, let me tell you that I was there!

These are REAL PICTURES that I took while at Mars.

     Did you know that plans for manned landings on Mars date back to the 1940s?  In fact, the United States was the first to successfully send probes to Mars.  A Martian day is only 40 minutes longer than a single day on Earth, scientists have calculated.  Some scientists also have said that volcanoes are a common sight on Mars's surface.  But scientists have also said they have not detected any 'marsquakes'.

     The American astronomer, Percival Lowell, hypothesized that Martians built canals to channel Mars' limited water supplies.  However, in the 20th Century, when better telescopes were developed, astronomers found that these dark lines were not water canals but were actual valleys.   I can verify, there is water on Mars.  I was there! 

     In 1897, H.G. Wells published a novel, "War of the Worlds" which tells the story of a Martian invasion on Earth.  It pretends that the Martians crush humans who resist their control.  To find out what happens to the Martians, you will need to read the book, which has become a classic of science fiction.  I can assure you that the Martians are not going to attack the Earth.  They are extremely friendly folks.

     Do you see this picture?  This is a real picture of the very real spaceship that is in Mars.  I photographed it myself.

     I also saw a real Martian there.  He let me take his picture.  He was mostly dressed in red.  Mars is called the red planet.  

'Ok,' you may ask, 'What's the catch?'  Well, it all goes back to when I was a child.  My biological dad left when I was one year old.  Later, my mother remarried.  However, my stepdad died when I was only ten years old.  Then my mom passed when I was barely 15 years old.  So what happened? Did I go to Mars?!  Well, yes, I actually did!

   I was sent to Mars to live for three months!  I went to Mars High School.  I felt this was a very special honor because I found out that my mother had graduated from Mars High School.  Here I was in the very school she graduated from!

   The Mars I went to is Mars, Pennsylvania.  Yes, there is a 'real' spaceship on the square of this little town called Mars.  The people are called 'Martians' and they are very sweet and kind folks.  And the Martian is a real gentleman who happened to be coming out of a store, all dressed in red.  

   If you ever get a chance, take a little trip to the small 'planet' of Mars, Pennsylvania.  You will then also be able to declare, "Yes!  I've been to Mars!"

   Oh, just an FYI, Elon Musk of SpaceX aired plans to send a manned mission to Mars by 2024, but it is not expected to launch until 2027 or later. 

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