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Go Clomping


(Sing to the tune of  'We Three Kings'

We three camels of Orient are

Carrying wise men ...  We travel so far.

Feet are hurting ...  Back is breaking

Following yonder Star



Oh, ohhhh ... Camels go clomping thru the night

Carrying wise men is our delight.

Always happy ...  Ever clomping

Onward to serve our King


We're just camels, that's a fact

And those wise men broke our backs!

But for Jesus the newborn King

We will do anything.

(Sing chorus above again)


So we three camels want to say

Serve our Jesus everyday.

Serve Him always ... ever love Him

Jesus the King of kings.


(Now sing chorus below)



Oh,  ohhh.  Serve our Saviour day and night

Let Him be your True Delight.

Read His Word, talk to Him

Love Him with all thy might.

Love Him with all thy might.

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