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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day !

Thanksgiving Day !

What exactly is

Thanksgiving Day ?

Sure, we have turkey

Stuffing and ham,

Corn and peas

And old-fashioned yams.

We gather together

With all of our friends,

And visit all day

Until it all ends.

Then we forget

As time goes by,

And never remember

'Til next year draws nigh.

We should not forget

To be thankful each day

To our Father in Heaven

As we kneel and pray.

We need to thank Him


For always supplying

Our wants and needs.

Thank Him for

Your health and food.

Please don't forget

For that would be rude.

Thank Him for

Your home and church,

Thank Him for

All things first.

The Bible teaches

That we should pray,

We're to be thankful

And grateful each day.

God will bless us

And never seem far,

If only we'd tell Him

How thankful we are.

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