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Three Blond Men

Go Hunting ... 

Well, there were these three blond guys who decided they wanted to go hunting.  So they all got on their cammie gear,, boots, pants, jackets, hats and they got their guns.  They were all so very excited.  They were all  pumped up as they headed into the woods.

As the three blond guys were walking along the path,

they came across some tracks.  They were so excited and pumped up.  "Look!  Deer tracts!"  shouted the first blond guy.  They were filled with excitement as they followed the tracks along.  After awhile,  the second blond guy said, "Hey, these are too big for deer tracks.  I bet they're moose tracks!"   "Yeah!" the other two blond guys shouted, "Let's get us a moose!"


This got the guys even more excited as they followed the tracks.  "Yea!  We are going to get us a moose!" they all kept saying.   Soon the third blond guy goes, "These are really, really big!  I bet they're bear tracks!"  

Do you know what the tracks were ?

Railroad tracks !

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