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Your House

How is your house?

May I ask you tonight.

Is it full of gloom

Or does it shine bright?

Let's check tonight

Let's really care,

That it's built on love

And not full of hot air.


I want you to consider,

And I want you to decide,

If it's truly a lighthouse

To the people outside.

Of course, Christ's the foundation

On which we must stand

In order to enter 

That promised land.

However, our house

Can look like a dump

If we let it get full

Of this world's junk.

To get junk in your house

Is not hard to do.

Satan comes in

And creeps up on you.

That's why it's important

To keep your light on,

No matter the time

Whether darkness or dawn.

The easiest place

To enter for Satan,

Is into your basement

Where your past needs a paintin'.

He'll find all the smut,

All the dirt and the filth

To throw at your heart

To make you feel guilt.

But all that you need

Is the paint that is red,

To put on your walls -

That's Christ's blood that was shed.

So when Satan comes round

To dig up your past,

Chase him away

With the blood that will last.

But if you neglect

The blood on your walls,

Then the dirt will collect.

It won't be noticed at all.

You'll then be all worried

And so full of fret,

Your terrible past

Will be hard to forget.

So keep that old basement

Dirt free and lots cleaner

By remembering the blood

Of your precious Redeemer.

The very next place

Where Satan will try

Is into your living room

Where he really is sly.

The living room's the place

That's noticed the most.

It's where you serve tea

And be a good host.

And what if that person

Comes at a bad time?

Will you make up excuses

And hand them a line?

Someone may come

You're not expecting to see.

You're not really prepared

For any company.

Will then you neglect

To invite them on in,

And tell them of Christ

Who will wash all their sin?

If your living room's sad

And gloomy that day,

Will sinners want

To come in and stay?

Our living room needs

To be a warm, cozy spot

With a glow all about it

Where the Lord will be sought.

But if it is cold

And so full of gloom,

A sinner won't want

To enter God's room.

So you are responsible

For your own living room,

You don't want anyone

To forever be doomed.

How could God care

If there's nothing to eat?

Why give God your tithes

When there is no meat?

There's also another place

Where Satan will hit.

It's into your kitchen

If your light isn't lit.

He will try to discourage you

When your cupboards are bare.

He will say to your heart

That God just doesn't care.

If you harken and listen

And with Satan agree,

Then nothing will be blessed

By God, you will see.

There's always a bedroom

Inside of your house,

And you better believe

That's where Satan will pounce.

It's where you get tired

Of serving the Lord,

So you crawl to your bedroom

And close tight your door.

No matter how often

The Lord seems to knock,

You just cover your head

And leave your door locked.

Don't let Satan stop you from praying to God,

And reading your Bible,

Which is your daily job.

But God won't keep knocking.  Soon He will leave.

So you better make sure that you stay on your knees.

Next is your attic

That's located on top,

Which is really your head

That holds all your thoughts.

Satan will put

All kinds of things in your head

To make you feel weary

And your feet feel like lead.

So keep your light shinning

In your attic above.

Make sure that it's filled

With all of God's love.

Last of all is outside

Where the garden you'll see.

And this is the specialist

Place to me.

It's all full of flowers

And has a sweet smell.

It will make you feel

That all is well.

The roses are blooming,

The leaves are so green.

You almost feel like

You're in a deep dream.

The garden's the place where you come to pray.

You get down on your knees day after day.

You must go out there

All of the time,

Because if you don't,

Weeds will grow on your vine.

Dirt needs to be loosened

And roots need some water,

Especially at noon

When the sunshine gets hotter.

Jesus did teach us

To pray in a 'garden',

'Cause if you don't

Your heart will get hardened.

You see, when you pray

To God up above,

You will be filled

With the fragrance of Love.

You will be in

Your own garden of prayer.

You'll be like a rose

Without any cares.

You don't need to have

Any roses and flowers.

Just find you a place

To pray for an hour.

But if your garden

Is left all alone,

It will get so full

Of unwanted thorns.

So make sure tonight

That your house is all bright,

Inside and out

by God's Holy Light.

The Light of the world is Jesus !

John 8:12

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